If you had alcohol poisoning how long would you be in hospital for?!

Question: If you had alcohol poisoning how long would you be in hospital for?

Well that would depend on the patient and how severe the case of poisoning was and how well the patient responds to the treatment. Typically, patient are kept a minimum of 24 hours for treatment and observation. Though I have seen patients stay as along as 5 days.

Depends on how much. Pretty much your stomach would be pumped or youd have to drink a chalky powder to absorb the remaining alcohol from reaching your liver. As your liver processes alcohol withing a days time,youd be released a few hours later under supervision. there wouldnt be any other reason to keep you unless you showed liver damage.

I'm normally in overnight, and that is conveinient for me personally cos my wife has normally locked the door..

my hospital bills

A day.

Tried it a couple of times.

24 hours is enough.

Only a few hours, after a stomach pump of course.

Depends how quick you die

may be for 4 or 5 hours.

after my will is written

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