How much does it cost to make a cup of coffee?!

Question: How much does it cost to make a cup of coffee?
or : how much profit could starbucks make from each cup?


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You'd have to figure in a lot of factors. Starbucks has to pay for rent, electricity, trash service, internet service, taxes, supplies, equipment, insurance, employee wages, etc.. in addition to paying for the water, the cup and the coffee.

Typically, the average food service business in the US makes a 3 - 6% net profit. This means that for every dollar the business brings in, 3 to 6 cents goes toward profit. The rest is overhead. So, if Starbucks charged you $3 for a cup of coffee, about $0.09 to $0.18 would be profit.

Since I'm not an accountant for Starbucks, I can't you exactly how much profit Starbucks makes from each cup. I just know that its not much, given the high overhead for this industry.

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I have no idea because i have only experience to drink ready made coffee at Barista Lavazza.

You can also view their prices of 1 coffee.…

it costs approximatly $1.34.......

it may cost $0.75 to make a tea.

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