How come I get really irritated when I drink liquor?!

Question: How come I get really irritated when I drink liquor?
I drank whiskey early this morning and I just got into a big fight with my family. I say really bad things to people


It was Jim Beam wasn't it? The alcohol added to the stress. I doubt it caused it.

thats easy, thats because your a raging alcoholic and you shouldn't be drinking, you should smoke some weed, that should calm you down, try that when you drink if you think you'll overcome your regular anger while drining normally. If not, then you were born to be a sobor individual. Have a nice day!

AA meetings

because it's a toxin and your body doesn't like it.

try drinking a different type of liquor or just avoid alcohol altogether (though i doubt you will consider this option if you're drinking early in the morning)

How much do you drink? Learn to control yourself and try not to drink like a tank. Maybe you want to say some things and the alcohol gives you the belief to actually blurt out your feelings but either way you should control yourself.

Then stop drinking if it's going to irritate you and cause problems with your family. You need to decide what's more important--the booze or your family. Up to you, Dude.

alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you end up opening your mouth and saying mean things

that's the magic of alcohol!

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