Would Americans understand the word booze?!

Question: Would Americans understand the word booze?
I have just purchased the domain boozebuilder.com.

The idea is visitors will think of something they like the taste of and I would then invent an alcoholic drink that tastes like the thing they like!

My question is: Do Americans understand or use the word 'booze'? If not, I'll host it in the UK where the term is used widely.

Gary :)


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It shouldn't be a problem. I can't speak for all of America, but a lot of people I'm around (Northwest area) refer to alcohol as booze, and a pathetic drunk is a "boozer".

I grew up in the Sunny State of California and I recognize the word Booze. Of course, by all rights anyone who watched The Simpsons should recognize the term. If I hadn't learned it from The Simpsons I probably would have learned it from a book.

figuring that the term booze is of American origin yes americans know what booze means. its origin is from a distiller by that name who impressed the word booze into the liqueur bottles

I'm pretty sure Americans coined the term booze, probably during the prohibition age. Great idea for a website but you're an idiot for asking that.


You are very small minded.

Booze is a commonly used word inthe US. We "simple" Americans understand much more than you give us credit for.

I'm Canadian, so i don't know about america but we definitely use the term "booze" and "boozer". hope I could help :)

Everyone in America knows what "booze" is.

c'mon Gary Americans are not that thick.....I don't think so anyway

Yes, we use the word often :]

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