What's the best way to get alcohol off of your breath?!

Question: What's the best way to get alcohol off of your breath?
I need to know what the best way to get alcohol off your breath is..


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I'm a recovered alcoholic in my 5th year of sobriety thanks to AA, believe me I tried everything to try ans mask my drinking, however I know that nothing can effectively because the smell is coming from the alcohol laden breath from your lungs.

I almost became addicted to extra strong mints, but the nearest thing to an effective mask was chewing a sprig of parsley.

Short answer is, you can't. The alcohol in your breath isn't coming from booze that's stuck to the sides of your mouth and throat like onion or garlic breath; it's coming from alcohol and its breakdown products that gas out in your lungs. It happens at a fairly constant rate depending on how much alcohol is in your blood; that's why breathalyzers work.

If you don't need to fool a breathalyzer, just a human, your best bet is to try to cover the alcohol with some other powerful odor. But that's not easy- alcohol is a strong and distinctive smell. Short of getting sprayed by a skunk, I don't think you can pull it off.

Don't drink it in the first place.It's not only on your breath it's in your system.Ask any traffic cop.
When they tell you to blow in the little tube where do you think the stuff comes from that changes the color in the machine?

Don't drink it in the first place. Otherwise, you're just covering it up and it isn't going to work.


It takes time. Nothing else works, otherwise why would so many desperate people ask this same question eh?


burp as much as u can and then chew gum

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