How much alcohol is too much?!

Question: How much alcohol is too much?
well im 13 years old, so i am obviously not talking about MY consumption of alcohol! but i have a problem, my parents. i love them sooo much, but lately i've been noticing something: pretty much every single night that they dont have work the next morning (so like weekend nights, and any holidays and during the summer too! :/ ) they drink wine, like at a party or watching the football game. i can tell that they always get drunk, whether its just a LITTLE bit, or a LOT :( i'm not sure if thats like too much or not. for example, tonight i saw my mom had at least 4 wine glass fulls. idk if thats too much or what, because i really love them and i dont want them to have any health problems or anything:( also, i think its really bad because it kind of gets in MY way, too, because for instance, if i had something to go to they wouldnt be able to take me there. should i deal with this? i am WAY to scared to tell them that...i mean seriously, i can't just go up to them and say "you drink too much".... idk what to do. i mean tonight they are drinking, even though they DO have work tomorrow, and i was supposed 2 go somewhere tonight but i couldnt go:( someone please help!!!! :"""(
***im sooo sorry its really long....***


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your parents are clearly oblivious as to how you are feeling. if they are getting drunk on a regular basis thats NOT ok. and 4 glass fulls is kind of a lot of wine for someone who has to work. geez... what i do if i have a problome with my mom is write a note. if your parents are understanding sober then they will probably sit you down and talk it through with you so that you either feel ok with it or they get help. if that doesnt work talk to a councelor as long as you arent being abused of neglected anything you say is confidencial. i have a councelor. hope that helps. and no worries about the length you have every right to be worried

kk girl who answered before me. didnt youi even read the details???

I think it may useful for u.

Everything more than 100cl or two beers is too much

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