How long does it take for alcohol to give you an effect after you drink some?!

Question: How long does it take for alcohol to give you an effect after you drink some?

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It depends on your body mass and how much you've eaten prior to alcohol consumption. If you haven't eaten and let's say you weigh about 120 lbs., you're going to feel the effects of alcohol by the end of the first drink. Also. the effects of alcohol tolerance is different in every person.

Length of time for alcohol withdrawals to begin and end:

Alcohol Detoxification

If you would like to know more about alcohol withdrawal symptoms and diagnosis, and about alcohol withdrawal treatment through alcohol detoxification (alcohol detox), read the following article for more information.

Alcohol detoxification (alcohol detox) is an option if you are alcohol dependent.

Alcohol dependence and withdrawal symptoms

If you are alcohol dependent you have a strong desire to drink alcohol. In addition, your body becomes used to lots of alcohol. Therefore, you may start to develop 'withdrawal' symptoms 3-8 hours after your last drink as the effect of the alcohol wears off. So, even if you want to stop drinking, it is often difficult because of the withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms include: feeling sick, trembling, sweating, craving for alcohol, and just feeling awful. Convulsions occur in a small number of cases. As a result, you drink alcohol regularly and 'depend' on it to prevent these symptoms. If you do not have any more alcohol the withdrawal symptoms usually last 5-7 days, but a craving for alcohol may persist longer.

Delirium tremens ('DTs') is a more severe reaction after stopping alcohol. It occurs in about 1 in 20 people who have alcohol withdrawal symptoms about 2-3 days after their last drink. Symptoms include: marked tremor (the shakes) and delirium (agitation, confusion, and seeing and hearing things that are not there). Some people have convulsions. Complications can develop such as dehydration and other serious physical problems. It is fatal in some cases.

I have found that it depends on what alcohol you are drinking, how much, and how quick. It does very from person to person, believe it or not. Some people hard liquor hit them harder than beer. I myself have found that it takes me about six beers before I feel a buzz, but at the same time, it also depends on how quick I drink them and the time of day. Mixed drinks for me only takes about 3 before I start feeling them, but I have noticed I can drink more mixed drinks than I can beer. From past experience I have learned that different alcohol gives different "buzzes". Beer for me is a heavy one, mixed drinks are lighter, and wine is lighter still. My suggestion to you is if you don't drink, DON'T start.

My life experience.

it depends! Usually you feel werid 5 minutes after...But when you start acting is about 10 or 15 minutes!

Around 30 minutes.

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