Proof I've ruined it for good?!

Question: Proof I've ruined it for good?
"Basically, on the first date, I gave him a kiss on the cheek when we said goodnight. Second date, he gave me a kiss on the cheek as soon as I got in his car. Both dates were amazing, lots of hand-holding, hugging, and over-all so much fun. I'm 17 btw, and then at the end of the second date on Friday night, he leaned in for a kiss, but I thought it was a cheek kiss and leaned to the side. Only after that did I realise I'd totally given him the cheek when he was going in for a real kiss. I would have gladly kissed him after that but panicked and went inside. I texted him after saying how I had a great time but really, now I'm scared he may think I was rejecting him by giving him the cheek. Where do I go from here? Please help, I really like him and I feel like a horrid person for what I did, especially since he looked so gutted when he pulled back. :(

Where do I go from here?"

^ My original question. Took people's advice in the answers section and invited him for a third date. Now he says he's busy. We're pretty much done, I gather, right? :'(


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If he asks you out again then he deserves a good lip lock because it means he is interested in you as a person and your cheek kissing did not put him off. He deserves a reward. If he doesn't ask you out again then he isn't worth your time anyway because he may be only interested in the physical aspects of dating you. They are very important, but purely physical relationships do not last, they merely quench momentary lust. A good relationship must be based on trusting your partner and on their really liking the real you, not just the kissing and all that goes with it. Not that there's anything wrong with kissing, but it's a lot more fun if you really like the person even when you are not lusting for them. I once went out with a girl (I'm a guy, by the way) for several dates and one date we both looked at each other and realized there had been no physical aspect to our relationship - we had not needed it because we had so much fun just being together. That made the relationship much more special so that when we did start the kissing we really meant it and it was great.

Lots of experience with girls.

Sounds like he just wants to run the bases so pick the one who wants you for you alone

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