I know this is a silly question, but-Can you get drunk off of wine?!

Question: I know this is a silly question, but-Can you get drunk off of wine?
I'm feeling a bit dizzy right now, but ever since I came home I've been a bit loopy, I kept bumping into things and stuff but I wasn't drinking before, it's now that I'm drinking some Wild Irish Rose Wine and I'm feeling a bit dizzy now.


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Yes! red or white, wines can get you drunk hun~ but hey, its healthy~ :)

Yes, wine gets me drunk quicker than any other drink apart from vodka. But that's the devils juice.. that sounded wrong. :]

But yes wine can get you drunk.
My grandmother, who's a 70 some thing Muslim women (who's never ever been drunk( once claimed that she got drunk from eating to many grapes. LOL. Completely untrue but funny.

Yes you can

Of course you can! That's why you are asking this question!

yes? ovecourse, it is alcohol.

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