How long can a hangover last?!

Question: How long can a hangover last?
I had some beer and then a lot of long island ice tea last night, and I've had a hangover from hell since I woke up this morning, and it's not going away at all. I've tried working out (made it so much worse) drinking lots of water and taking long naps. I've eaten soup because that's the only thing I can stomach. Is it not a hangover at this point but a legit illness?

Symptoms are bad headache all day, sensitive to light and sound, nausea, I'm sore all over, my neck is so stiff, and I'm tired and weak.

I've had way more alcohol than last night before with less hangover, but that was usually clear liquor straight. Does that make a difference?


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Lots of sugar always helps me.I love some spicy pizza and tea with lots of sugar.I have had hangovers like yours before that lasted 2 days.Lots of sleep and sugar will do you good.Good Luck

It will prob go away in max- 16 to 24 hours. Depends on how much alcohol you have taken. Drink a lot of water. An ice cold coke helps for me.

Eat some thing full of carbohydrates - KFC, toast etc. I'm pretty tipsy right now, craving potato - carbohydrates.

soft jk just eat filling food like bread pizza pasta ect...

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