Why do people like alcohol ?!

Question: Why do people like alcohol ?
Is it the taste ? I don`t get it . I hate the taste .


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People have different tastes. I happen to think a well made red wine is probably the best tasting thing in the world (and I am not alone, some people pay thousands of dollars for certain bottles of wine).
You do not have drink alcohol if you don't like it, just order a coke or whatever. I can't understand behaviors of other people sometimes, like people who are really into religion is just beyond my comprehension, but you just have to accept that not all people are alike...

The scientist have said that alcohol is worst than drugs!
The reason why people drink alcohol is that it makes them forget their problems for a little bit but after they return to normal they have even more problems in life. It harms the body by creating small worms(not real worms microscopic worms) in the brain that destroy the brain and the person becomes uncontentious of what is going around them. A person can die because of drinking a lot of alcohol. Many people (in Russia for example) die every year because of drinking alcohol!
Even when drinking a little bit it harms the body.
This is why Islam forbids drinking alcohol

It helps people relax, its a social activity.
2 drinks per day is actually healthy for you...like wine with dinner, or may one drink when you get home from work to unwind.
Like anything else, too much can cause problems...but in moderation, it is fine.

PS-If you dont like the taste, try a different drink

In the beginning is for the feeling after couple of drinks. Later is for the taste also.

its so stupid to drink and smoke. they get so addicted that they don't care for the taste or they just don't have taste buds.

Some taste good depends what you drink. I drink because it makes me relaxed and happy untill next morning when i wake up feel like **** and regret it.

Honestly I just started likin it!... I used to just smell it and ugh gag!... I still can't drink beer!...I love "nuv0" & "hypnotic"!... the smell isn't as bad TO ME! Lol

It lowers your inhibitions and then the fun begins.

i like it because it helps me relax .and yes i also like the taste of some alcohol

I dont know! It taste like crap, kills, and makes people do stupid sh*t. I dont get it either!

bingo, first answer is correct! lol You tend to act a little more crazy, and do things u wouldnt normally do, all with knowing what ur doing...if that makes sense

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