What tastes better bottle nose dolpins or blue whales?!

Question: What tastes better bottle nose dolpins or blue whales?

It's dumb ***** like you that piss me off. Why the **** would you eat a dolphin or a whale. You know that the nations worldwide actually mass murder and exterminate shark populations just to cut off it's fins. They actually cut off the fins then drop it back in the ocean so it drop to the ocean floor and die hopelessly without fins to move just bleeding out for hours in agony. These people actually think that shark fins promote well being because sharks rarely get sick. It helps in no way whatsoever if anything it'll make you sick. Why do you insist on adding to the unnecessary rape of the world by the human race. It's pathetic what the parasitic human lowers itself to. In conclusion, try the whale, the meat is much more delicate then the dolphin and it is just delightfully delicious.

Theyre about the same. Would you like a side dish of shark fin soup served with murder sauce too? >:o

Finally someone else who KNOWS about shark finning and what they do! <3 it's so horrible D: and most people are trying to save cuddly pandas while the shark population is being killed off.

taking this with a tongue in cheek attitude; I'd say if you can't get it from the tap always go for the "bottle"

Maybe you should try Yahoo Answers Japan.

whale, dolphins are cute but are not as tasty ;)

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