recipe to make a gallon of fruit wine?!

Question: Recipe to make a gallon of fruit wine?
I am looking for a recipe to make a gallon of wine. .i have a glass gallon jar, I have an air lock. How much frozen juice? how much sugar and how much yeast? I have been told to freeze the wine when it is done to kill the yeast. If I remove some of the ice while it is frozen (ice is water, not the alcohol ) Will it make the wine stronger? or was he wrong about removing the ice?


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It won't be the world's greatest wine but you can dilute the juice as per the instructions on the can. I frequently dilute it with bottled grape juice for added flavor. The amount of sugar depends on the amount in the juice. Experiment. Be sure to use a real wine yeast. Bakers' yeast will give disappointing results.

Freezing will probably not kill the yeast but will inactivate it. Yes, removing the ice would make the wine stronger but the ATF folks consider this to be distillation and will haul your butt of to the clink in nothing flat.

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