Pot heads i need ur help...Ua coming up?!

Question: Pot heads i need ur help...Ua coming up?
Ok i just toked it 2 days ago and i got a ua coming up in 12 hours... I been drinking alot of water yester day and today. My ua is 2moro but in the morning or maybe in the after noon... What are my chances of passing this test... Ima dilute my pee for the ua and im not on probation so they can suk my d!k cus they cant say **** for my clear pee... Can any body give me some tips on stuff that will help pass or dilute...


there's nothing you can do, toke up!

I don't the exact name of the pill but they do sell them that flush out your system. Another thing is a tablespoon of bleach...sounds nasty but wash it down with something else. I've passsed a drug test 2 days after smoking weed. I still do everyday, just smoked an upper Marijuana, most Marijuana is a downer, im on xanax and hydrocodone in school all ****** up!! haha. But bleach or look for a pill that cleans your system. The pill will also make you itchy and sweaty.

Past events.

Unfortunately for you urine isn't the only way they test for THC. There are some products out there that claim to mask the indicators from the tests, but only a few actually work. Shop around, otherwise, there is no other way.


pretty sure you won't pass whatever you do.

e.e I've never dealt with a situation like that, but... Why would you do that so close to your ua?

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