is it hard to be a bartender?!

Question: Is it hard to be a bartender?
i heard bartenders at certain restaurants make good money.
is it worth it?
im 20 turning 21 in march.
im a cute girl im just afraid of creeps.
if a guy gets too drunk will there be bouncers?

also are the drinks hard tomake?


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Yes bartenders can make a lot of money and if you're cute you will most likely get hit on and make more tips. There are laws that protect bartenders and if anyone messes with one they can get in some serious trouble you also have to know how to make a lot of drinks and make them well

If you don't have a boyfriend and you're a night owl and would prefer having days off compared to nights - then bartending is suited to you. You will learn a lot about alcohol by working in a bar, and not just alcohol, but the customers that consume the drinks. Once you know your basic spirits and your beers, you're in. Learning drinks and cocktails is all part of the biz, kid.

You do get hit on a lot, being a girl bartender, but if the customer is being offensive you also have the right not to serve them. Bouncers and security guards usually take care of the problems anyway and hey, you're behind the bar. What can they do?


You have to be able to multi task.
You can make a lot of money bar tending.
"Will there be bouncers?" What is that? A good bartender won't need on your game.

God doesn't want you to be a bar tender because it doesn't glorify Him. You probally would get hit on alot.

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