What is your Favorite Refreshing (alcoholic) Drink?!

Question: What is your Favorite Refreshing (alcoholic) Drink?
The bars near me are limited, and the bartenders are too young to really know what they're doing, so theres no real room for creativity, here. I'm looking for a simple and refreshing alcoholic drink I can enjoy without feeling robbed of my money when I return home- preferably without fruit juice, dairy, much mixer, or syrup.

(I consider limoncello and creme de menthe to be refreshing)


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A nice gin and tonic is the pause that refreshes. Hard to mess that up.

I love peach schnapps and lemonade. I find that really refreshing in the summer and every pub/bar I've ever been to has Archers. Archers is nice, but the Asda own brand peach schnapps is surprisingly good too and a bit cheaper if you're drinking it at home. I tend to mix it as about 1 part schnapps to 4 parts lemonade, so it's a long drink. You get quite a lot for the money that way.

You need to stir it though, otherwise the lemonade sits on top so its nice and cold and refreshing, but then you get a shot of neat archers at the bottom of the glass!

Mine's a Gin and Tonic.

Gordon's Gin TV ad

Bombay Sapphire - probably the world's finest Gin

Beefeater London Dry Gin - the making of it.

a mint julip, it's mint leaves crushed in to bottom of the glass, I'm not sure what else is in it, but I do know that it is very refreshing

I recently discovered White Owl whisky. Amazing stuff, easy to drink, very smooth.


Classic mojitos and mai tai's. :)

I'm a bartender/mixologist.

gotta agree with the mojito, good gin (Bombay, Tanqueray, etc..) & tonic. Cape cod with a smooth vodka.

Long island ice tea, irish car bomb, buchannas with 100% orange juice.

Has to be a Mojito!!! Closely followed by either an Absolut pear vodka with tonic, or a long, cool gin and tonic!!

Domaine de la Romanee'




Smirnoff Vodka

Red wine is refreshing of course.

Veuve Cliquot very dry (brut) Champagne.

Carlsberg Beer! :)

scotch,ice and water,make it as long or short as you wish.

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