Just got over a sore throat.. Drinking lemonade?!

Question: Just got over a sore throat.. Drinking lemonade?
Alright, So i just recently got over some sort of quick sore throat.. Pretty much all that happened was, i felt fine yesterday, but around 3:00 P.M i started to feel sickish ( i always do for some reason when i have a sore throat, Even if thats all it is ) but it wasn't horrible. i didn't feel like i had to throw up, and nothing was wrong with my stomach, just that my throat felt a bit scratchy. It got a bit worse later, but when i woke up this morning, it was fine. As in, i didn't really feel bad. Other then that i didn't have much energy because i hadn't eaten. Later, at around 2:00 P.M, i ate a sandwich, and i felt ALOT better. I've had a lot of energy now, and haven't felt tired at all, so, NOW i'm drinking a glass of lemonade. Is that bad?
( Oh my gosh i just realized that whole story sounded WACKO haha. But anyway, what i mean is, like, is lemonade bad for that? Its not really like, REAL lemonade, its just that Lemon juice, pre made stuff you buy at the store, mixed with some water and barely any sugar. So.. you get it. is that bad for me right now? ( again, i don't feel sick at all )


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No, it's not bad for you. Unless it was bad for you before, like if you were allergic to it. Why would it be bad for you? If you are not sick anymore, even if you were sick it wouldn't be "bad". It might not make your throat any better but you won't die or get any sicker if you drink lemonade.

You can 2 glass water add half spoonfull of salt and put in mouth byshaking through tongue .you can do this at bedtime and in the morning.

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