What is your favorite drinking games?!

Question: What is your favorite drinking games?

Where you have to drink every time the word "Fu*k" is said while watching Scarface.

Want a general idea, watch this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8vJ-rzTQ…

And and and...

Just because Apples to Apples is a fun game alone....

One of the biggest draws of drinking in the first place is it provides the perfect alibi for acting like an asshole. If you hopped up and down on tables while screaming “SHOES!” or “ROFLMAO” or whatever the popular Internet joke is for the week, people would probably look at you and ponder why you aren’t in the local psychiatric ward. But if you behave in this manner after consuming several shots of rum, you are officially crowned the life of the party and a guy who lives on the edge! Plus, most people will probably blackout by the end of the night, forget everything you did, and wake up wondering how they managed to sleep so comfortably in a stranger’s bathtub.

Apples to Apples is a great drinking game because it allows players to say ridiculous things without having to don women’s clothing to make others laugh. Instead of declaring “I would totally put that in my mouth!,” all you need to do in Apples to Apples is make a ridiculous comparison between a noun and an adjective. Sober, accurate analogies would include “garbage is smelly” or “Madonna is old.” Drunk analogies, however, tend to be more along the lines of “traffic cones are sacrilegious” or “Barbara Bush is foxy.” Comedy gold! And everyone is guaranteed to giggle, because they don’t know what the hell is going on due to the fact that they now have a blood-alcohol level of PLEASEMAKETHEROOMSTOPSPINNING. Good times for all.

I take the cork out of a bottle of brandy and get a clean glass, in between I sip. Not sophisticatied but it works for me.

in case you need some new ideas



I drink enough already without needing a game to drink more. Thank you. You enjoy

Didn't like. General all good..

Sake pong

muff diver

I don't enjoy that.But keep it if you like.

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