in which grape are use to red wine?!

Question: In which grape are use to red wine?
which grapes name on use to red wine


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learn how to spell then ask again

Red grapes. Seriously, some varieties of grape have red pigments in the skin, and some don't. Red wine is made by allowing prolonged contact with the crushed red grape skins. Rosé (French for pink) wine is made from red grapes with the skin separated more quickly.
Here is a list of red grape varieties:…

It seems the other answerer here are bigots of one sort or another. We Canadians are more accepting. Red wine can be made from many kinds of grapes. See online Wikipedia entry for red wines. From your name, I assume you are Indian, probably of Hindi tradition. Tantric tradition allows drinking wine, but not too much.

there are many red grapes used in making wine. some of the most well known are the pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon.

here's a list:…

Grapes are also called red wine?.

Amur Ampelopsis Stem.


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