What does one's breath smell like if alcoholic beverages have been consumed?!

Question: What does one's breath smell like if alcoholic beverages have been consumed?
DON'T just say "alcohol" or "alcoholy", describe it in actual detail. Some have said that one can smell like really sweet with alcohol fumes all over. Btw, I'm talking about strong drinks like vodka and tequilla, not beer.


When fuel is burned their's gotta be some exhaust, right?
Fuel in this case is alcohol. It's used by the body and brain and the exhaust comes out of our bodies. Some is on the breath - brushing your teeth is only like brushing the tail pipe while the engine's still burning deep inside our lungs. Try brushing those!
But alcohol is also exuded through the pores in our bodies like sweat. Shower and soak but it STILL comes out. Cologne? That's like perfuming a stinking person - they still stink!
I'm sorry but that's just the way it IS.
But to answer your question - it smells B A D !

Smell depending on how much one has drank can differ. A lot can be something like charcoal. Like a strong perfume, or an over bearing aroma, strong smell of harsh fumes. Wine can be sweet, but strong liquor stands out more, and can be smelled from breath a lot more.

Like whatever alcohol (and mixers if it was in mixed drink) that was consumed.

Responsibly and Legally consuming various alcoholic beverages for many years.

Since i cannot say alcohol it would smell like beer or wine or a mixed drink

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