Is my vodka poisoned?!

Question: Is my vodka poisoned?
The only vodka I can afford is of the cheaper variety. Recently I bought Royal Gate, and I must say I've never tasted vodka like this before. Mixed with fruit juice, it STILL tastes strongly like a mixture between gasoline, rotten vegetables, and something else chemical-tasting I can't quite put my finger on. I have a very strong sense of taste and smell, and this is quite noticeable. I didn't even try it straight first; I mixed it immediately with the juice (not even 1/4 of vodka is in the 12 oz drink). I had tasted the juice before I mixed in the alcohol and it was fine; I thought the mixture would turn out well. I then drank water and a few minutes later tried a small glass of different juice with a smaller portion of vodka, had more watter, then sipped the stuff straight - Same result.

I don't mean to sound paranoid, but could this be poisoned? I wonder if it's something similar to this case:

Please someone let me know what you think, I know it's a goofy question but I hope you take it seriously.


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Just cheap alcohol, and your head will feel it tomorrow, take some aspirins before going to bed.

Royal Gate is one of the cheaper vodkas out there. I used to work in a liquor store
and this dude used to come in every morning for a half pint while walking the dog.

i think its just cheap.... try another bottle of the same if you want to see but id spend a lil more money for better taste

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