how much does beer and drinks cost on a cruise?!

Question: How much does beer and drinks cost on a cruise?

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Beer usually cost about $7 and up, wine starts somewhere around $12, and liquor generally costs about $10. Of course, depending on brand and drafts and so on.....Hope this was helpful!

I went to the Bahamas last year (it was great) and these were the prices on the ship. Good luck! Have a blast!

much the same costs as at a typical bar. however, you can buy a cruise-length all-you-can-drink wristband for sodas. so if you're on a week-long, they charge a specific amount, and then you have unlimited sodas for the entire length of the cruise. usually water, coffee, tea (and sometimes iced tea and juices) are available for free. i'm not sure if there is an alcohol wristband you can purchase for unlimited beers or mixed drinks. you'd have to ask my friend chris who used to work on cruises who will be reading this answer as soon as i click submit. maybe he'll follow up with his own answer. ;-)

depends on the cruise line bc sometimes they have deals worked out for beverages but if not they are quite expensive


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