If you've been drinking can you dance without making yourself sick?!

Question: If you've been drinking can you dance without making yourself sick?
I can't dance if i've been drinking, it makes me feel like i'm gonna vomit.
Is it just me?


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Bars and nightclubs are full of people who dance just fine while drunk....well they DO dance.
Try dancing right from the start.
You can drink a boat load of booze if you are sweating and working it off on the dance floor.

You're either drinking too much, too fast before you start shaking your booty, or overdoing it on the sugary drinks. Try slowing down, or like someone else said, if you're dancing from the start, you're working it off as you take it in, so should feel fine, or if you like your sugary stuff, cut it back to just getting a sweet drink every few trips to the bar. Switch it up with beer or shots or wine. Oh, and make sure you have a snack or something before you start drinking. Your body will have an easier time metabolizing the alcohol, which should also help you feel better.

When you move more, the alcohol goes faster into your brain. So choose: dancing or drinking.

I only dance if I am drunk...

I can dance :)

depends on what and how much but normally i can drink n dance fine

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