I drank too much yesterday and I now I feel really embarrassed and stupid.?!

Question: I drank too much yesterday and I now I feel really embarrassed and stupid.?
I went out yesterday with my boyfriend of three years. I love him very much and he loves me. We both give the world to each other. Well...there have been some issues lately, but nothing that can't be worked out. (Family issues with his side) It has caused a lot of stress in our lives. We started out having a great day, but met my mom and my brother for happy hour. I am very close with my family. My boyfriend and I got too drunk and my mom sent him home in a cab. We live together and to be honest I don't really remember why I didn't go with him. To make a long story short I sat there with my mom and my brother for a few hours talking and I just made a fool of myself and of my relationship saying things that just weren't true. All day I have been trying to fix everything and everyone is fine I just feel bad involving my family and keeping them up all night and I feel bad for drinking so much where I can't handle myself. I know it happens to us all , but I could really use some comforting words right now. I feel I have made my relationship look bad to my family and it is not bad. He is my best friend, but I just don't know what got in to me. I feel just horrible and I just want it to all pass...when will it pass? Will I feel better and it die down in a few days? How does this stuff work after dramatic drunken episodes where family or friends got involved? I really appreciate it.


Welcome to the world of normal people who drink too much and then talk too much. Anyone who drinks alcohol has done this at one time or another. However I doubt that you were telling your family things about the relationship that were not true. You just were uninhibited enough to not try and make things sound better than they are. That being said, it will eventually die down. Just leave it alone and if any family member brings it up, just say you had too much to drink and may have exaggerated the situation. And, don't go to happy hour with your family anymore.

Welcome to the world of alcoholism.

what can i say?

u dun f.u.c.k.e.d. up. itll get better tho :)

Been there except I had really loud sex with my girlfriend at her parents house (we live together) but we stayed there that night. Apparently I was going all out and the whole house heard including her sister so imagine how I felt and I wanted that to just pass! They do say the truth comes out when you are drunk, are you sure some of the things you were saying you really didn't feel? Then again I have said plenty of stuff I didn't mean when i am wasted. I would just get what ever you said off your chest to your man and to your mom and bro and as long as they are cool go on with your business and all will be well! No worries!

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