Do you think drinking alcohol during the day is weird?!

Question: Do you think drinking alcohol during the day is weird?
minus special occasions of course


Not exactly weird but a cause for concern. Day drinking tends to interfer with your ability to work, drive and function on a daily basis. If it is everyday, it is a real worry.

No, it is not weird. It can be a concern, however. There is not enough info in your question to comment one way or the other, BUT: When I hear a question like this, I am always concerned. If f someone is worried enough to pose the question there probably a good reason.

Who? Are you referring to a young person or to someone who has worked third shift and come home to have a beer with his/her dinner before going off to bed? What are the circumstances? Are they having a drink with a meal or is this a routine? When during the day? Are you implying that the subject has a drink to start the day? Does he/she have to drink to function? Does this person have a slug before they go to work? Where are they drinking? At school or work where it is completely inappropriate? Or is it at home at a time and place that makes sense? Why are you concerned? Are there reasons other than the fact it is day that are leading you to worry?

Are you asking if drinking during the day means someone has a problem? If that is what you are really asking, it depends on other factors. The best course to take is to sit down and ask talk about it, if not with the subject then with other members of the family and friends. If drinking is occasional thing rather than routine, there might not be a concern. Can this person go out and have dinner, or go to a party and enjoy him/herself without drinking?

Asking questions is a good thing. Recently I heard someone say that humans are the only animals that ignore their gut feelings. If your gut is trying to tell you something, it is a good idea to follow up on it. It is always a good idea to talk to with people who support you and answer your questions candidly. Al-Anon and Ala-Teen are good resources for loved ones of people with drinking problems.

If you ignore everything else, please hear this one thing: Don't allow someone else's substance abuse problems to dictate how you live your life. There is help out there. Because Ala-non (or Alcoholics Anonymous) is not for everyone; if you are in need of support, take the time, do the research, ask the questions, find a support group that CAN help you with this. Alcohol can drag down not only the drinker but everyone else around them. If you need help, please go out and find it. Use the internet to locate the help and resources you need. Remember: you can only change yourself. No matter how much you love someone with problems, you cannot change them. Don't give up your dreams to accommodate substance abuse. Be good to yourself.

If you drink to get intoxicated, then yes. But not if you have it just for flavor.

I don't smoke, but having a dram of Laphroaig Scotch is like having a cigar, with the delicious smokey peat flavor you get from it, and at the same time, don't smoke up the whole room or piss off anyone else around you.

I encourage all my employees to have a dram of whiskey at their desk while they work. But we are sipping it for the flavor, not drinking it, so a dram can sit at the desk and last you several hours.

Easy question of corse its not weird to drink through out the day..... and by saying day it doesnt mean you are drinking very early in the morning like as soon as u wake up which is the problem... butt deffly not the day ...Alot of your average americans drink through the day no problem.... It is only a problem when u drink every single day through out the day till night all the time....but it can be fun if u are drinking with ur buddies

I don't, but I used to work insane hours, so I was used to cracking a few beers after work and watching the sun rise. Same with buying beer at 6 a.m., if felt weird at first like people were condemning me, but they didn't know I hadn't even been to sleep yet! I figure as long as all your responsibilities are taken care of (work, errands, all your driving), why not have a glass of wine with lunch? That's what all the tourists around here do anyway!

it's very strange and borderline alcoholism. i've only drank during the day a few times and it was because of football or holidays

Hell no. If you have nothing better to do go for. I love sitting around drinking beers, playing games or just walking down the street. everything is better with alcohol

Of course not. But most people don't call it wierd-they call it alcoholism.

I'd go easy on the alcohol, period - no matter what time of the day!

I'd go easy on the alcohol during the day lol

I mean its a little odd, but its awful fun (:

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