Is drinking in moderation good for you?!

Question: Is drinking in moderation good for you?
I grew up really resenting what alcohol does to people. In my early 20's, I would occasionally drink 1 or 2 drinks but I never really liked it, so I quit completely. However, are there any perceived health benefits of alcohol? Or, is it nothing but propaganda by the liquor industry? I just found the following information in a link.

The Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Consumption:

Dementia: A French study found that people who drank daily in moderation were less likely to develop dementia than nondrinkers and those who only had one drink each week.
Gallstones: Some studies have suggested that those who drink moderately cut their risk of developing gallstones by about 50%.
Heart health: Moderate drinking reduces the risk of both heart disease and death by heart attack; studies have found variable risk reduction rates, ranging from 25% (various studies) to 40% (Nurses’ Health Study-a longitudinal study of 85,709 nurses).
Ischemic stroke: Moderate drinkers have a 70% reduced risk for ischemic strokes, a leading cause of disability and death. However, heavy drinking increases the risk of suffering ischemic strokes.
Type 2 diabetes: There are some indications that moderate drinking may reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes; however, consuming large quantities of alcohol actually increases the risk for this condition.
Vascular benefits: Numerous studies suggest a 25% to 40% risk reduction for peripheral vascular disease in moderate drinkers.
General health: A national (U.S.) study found that moderate drinkers are more likely to get enough sleep each night, exercise regularly and be at a healthy weight than nondrinkers and heavy drinkers.


People can dress it up in any way that they want but alcohol is a poison, the minimal benefits such as for stress can be attained by much safer methods.

A glass of red wine is often quoted as being good for health, the antioxidant element comes from the grape skins NOT THE ALCOHOL, you're much better off drinking grape juice.

EDIT: For those who have answered after me, and think that red wine is GOOD fgor the heart, read on.…

EDIT2: The tests comparing the longevity of moderate drinkers and teetotalers are quite small trials, nothing like those testing the safety of drugs for instance, they also don't take into account many other factors that can affect the results, for instance I'm a teetotaler now (4 Years+) but I'm a recovered alcoholic, my health is now good but who knows what damage I did while I was drinking?

Alcohol rehab employee and retired pharmaceutical rep.

Yes. Moderate drinkers live longer than teetotalers

And take no notice of those who claim that beer is fattening - it's the snacks that drinkers eat that put on the weight. A pint of beer is around 150 calories; a packet of peanuts around twice that.…

I don't know about spirits but there are decided benefits to red wine and to dark beer (even better). Limit your self to one glass per day (women) to two glasses per day (men). And, no, you can't save them up for a weekend binge.

If you drink beer you will get beer belly and tend to put on weight. Alcohol effects your mind in lot of different ways, sometimes it relaxes and sometimes it stimulates so be wary

Red wine is said to have health benefits when used in moderation

red wine has antioxidants, and is known to be good for your health when you drink 1 glass a day. i prefer wine over prescribed drugs for stress.

3 (three)shots per day iszzz moderation,so,why bother.
When I buy booze,I immediately throw the cap away and go for it.

Both Buddha and Jesus would say yes.

well i can either take a antipsychotic med that makes me feel like a zombie for 500 bucks a month, or get drunk on the weekends and it makes me feel great through the week, for about 20 bucks a week. and as for all those points, it makes me feel even better about my choices. like anything else, abuse is the problem. you can abuse alcohol, food, drugs, your own body.

there are times when it definitely is just the right thing.... I remember one time I went to a restaurant to get some Indian food to take home with me because I was feeling so ill that I did not want to stay in the restaurant to eat my I was waiting for my food, I spied a nice bottle of red somethingorother...which turned out to be Dubonnet Rouge...... I ordered a glass to drink as I was sitting on the settee in the front of the restaurant, and it was just the ticket........also, once in a while I love a drink of Vodka and Tonic with half a fresh lime squeezed into it...for me , it is perfect....but not all the time ! So. I think you should do as you think best...

all the best

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