I really, really regret this. Please help?!

Question: I really, really regret this. Please help?
Before you go judging me I'll tell you that I'm an intelligent person (usually) and I would never usually do what I did, but somehow I did and now I regret it heaps.

I'm 16. My friend invited me to another friend's place the other night, and somewhat clueless about what was actually going to happen I agreed to go along. When I got there they were all drinking, and anyone who remembers being a teenager (especially fellow Australians) will know how much peer pressure there is with drinking. Well for whatever reason I gave into it, and I ended up having far too much. I remember what happened but it's sketchy, and I was quite sick the next day.

I've recovered now but I feel like a total idiot, and I'm beating myself up over it so much. I'm a very neurotic person by nature, and often have bouts of extreme hypochondria so now I'm paranoid about the loss of brain cells I caused myself, and I've been convinced that I'll turn into a complete moron. This has scared me straight, I am never drinking again, at least not until I'm a lot older, so I won't be doing myself any more damage, but I'm very worried, and I feel so, so stupid.

Please be as supportive and reassuring as possible in your answers, try not to rub my face in the fact that what I did was wrong, because I know it was, otherwise I wouldn't be so upset about it.

Also, I told my parents, so I haven't lied to them.


you didn't lose anymore brain cells than necessary to learn an important lesson. Forgive yourself.

Compared to someone I know, this isn't bad at all. The person I know used to have serious problems, drinking about 18-20 cans of beer every day!
...But no, I don't think that you would have lost any brain cells from just that. Beating yourself up only makes it worse, just be happy that nothing seriously bad happened or anything.

don't worry about it. you didn't kill any brain cells with the amount of drinking you did. you have to black out and not remember stuff to start killing brain cells. stay away from whip-its though, those will turn your brain into swiss cheese instantly.

lots of partying

Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and move on. Now that you have tried alcohol, you know how it makes you feel and if you dont like it then you can now legitimately say its not for you. Maybe in a few years when you are of age you will enjoy it more!

Darl you didn't murder anyone.
Girls younger than you do it every week end.
I've done it.
Just don't do it again.
God I wish that was my only worry... I wouldn't be worried actually.

Geez, get over yourself. You got drunk at a party like millions of other teens do all the time. No one expects teenagers to be rocket scientists.

your brain is fine. when i was your age i was drinking like that 3 or 4 nights a week, now i'm a sophomore at Harvard getting straight A's..jk i'm a high school drop our janitor

so what's the question?.. lol you are a teenager don't sweat it! we all make mistakes and learn from them everyone goes thru it

Everyone goes through this. Try to be cool and calm.

It's not that bad, most people had alcohol before the legal age. Also, just think about all the genius people who indulged in alcohol, and some in even worse things like drugs. Besides, I smoke weed, party, drink, screw guys and I get straight A's in school, have 5 AP/honors classes, people think I'm a genius and I've won book writing contests and am constantly offered participation in science events for gifted teens. Crazy right? The thing is, if you pick an open wound constantly, it will never heal properly but if you let it heal, it will. You'll be the same.

sounds like you learned a lesson... well done.

you didn't kill enough brain cells to make any impact.

if you slept with some guy I would be more worried about being pregnant or having an STD than the loss of brain cells (a lot of girls become complete SL*TS when they are drunk)

at least you now know what to expect and you can prepare yourself if you don't want to drink.. when facing hanging out with those friends.. i don't advocate underage drinking, but drinking in moderation (which it doesn't sound like you are mature enough to do) can be a lot of fun. but blacking out and getting that trashed often is a bad experience

i remember being a teenager as well, and the pressure to drink or smoke and fit in is extremely hard to deal with. but you will be a better person for learning to overcome these obstacles.


i answer as a parent of 3 teens, 16, 17 & 19

i did what you did
at 15
i hated it, and vowed never to drink again and i didnt
its just not for me, i dont mind others drinking, but, i genuinely never drank even a glass of wine again

yes i regretted it at the time
i also saw it as a huge learning curve

my oldest & youngest have never done it
but my 17 year old did
and she too hated it so much, she has never done it again (she did it last year)

take on board what you have learned
and just be thankful nothing bad happened
and it can
you see drink girls in the news every single day

you must also have seen drunk girls in your town
i bet you look at them with disdain, i know i do
and so does my teens
yet one still did it
i wont say its a rite of passage
but now you know what you are missing (or not as the case may be)

chalk it up to an experience
and dont look back

i havent
i keep drink in the house for visitors, i am not anti drinking
its just not for everyone

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