does Zippo fluid evaporate? i filled my zippo two days ago, used it no more than 5 times and now it is empty?!

Question: Does Zippo fluid evaporate? i filled my zippo two days ago, used it no more than 5 times and now it is empty?
i know for a fact that it did not leak, because my clothes were not stained and where i keep it has no stain.


All lighter fluid style lighters are like this. You will have to constantly refill it. If you must use this type of lighter, get an older one with a better build than the newer ones, and replace the rubber fill gasket before you fill it. You will have longer periods of use before going dry.

Lighter fluid does not stain. Lighter fluid can actually be used as a stain remover and cleaner.

Welcome to the cult of zippo. Despite the poor quality of the current zippos, and the fact that you will have to fill the damn thing every time you want to light a cigarette, the zippo cult will chant in unison that they are the best lighters and they don't leak and they have great warrantees. If you disparage the great god zippo, they will descend on you en mass and attempt to immolate you as a sacrifice to their god, but fear not, all they can manage is a chorus of scratchy sparks.

I would suggest buying a vintage butane lighter off ebay. I am particularly fond of Ronson Variflame. They came in a variety of very cool styles, and can hold between 6 months to a years worth of butane in a single refill, depending on the style. The ones from the 1950s and 1960s are the best, with a very smooth, almost sensuous, movement of both the top and the light. The 1970s version are still very respectable, but not as smooth. Ronson Variflames go cheap enough for as good as they are.

Good luck.

If it goes that fast then you have a leak. I believe Zippo products have good warranties.

You can check this site for info on warranty and repair of Zippo products:…

u would know it it does by flipping it over on the top for afew minutes after filling it up. Make sure its a zippo and not a off brand. Sometimes changing the wick and cotton like material inside to the zippo brand produce helps to

The seal on the filler may be sticking or be perished,if so the fuel can be weeping away slowly, have had this happen and the fuel did not stain it just gently evaporates.

Yes it does evaporate.

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