How much alcohol can a man who weighs about 60 kilos drink?!

Question: How much alcohol can a man who weighs about 60 kilos drink?
How often and how much does it take to cause damage to your body? Please back up answers with a source.


On a single night? Till death which is around 15-20 drinks. 3-6 times a week? about 3-5 drinks. Every day? any amount.

Alcohol is toxic but your body does heal, with no complications a single non fatal dose of any toxin will have little to no chance of any permanent damage. Regular use however will and yes wight undoubtedly play a factor in this. Think you never ingest toxin? Not likely almost any medication from Advil and NyQuil (Which in a gel capsule or liquid form contains alcohol) to Prescription meds.


If you drink until you fall over and wake up with no clothes and a burning crack every night that is a problem. Otherwise 2 or 3 drinks is OK.

The amount of alcohol a person can drink has nothing to do with their weight.

Alcohol is always harmful to you it has no concern with your weight.

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