Which brown liquior gives you a better buzz?!

Question: Which brown liquior gives you a better buzz?
My freind drinks brown liquior and she got a birthday today, she says she likes brown liquior that give her a nice buzz,what brown liquior should i give her,im more of a vodka type i dont drink brown so i dont know nothing about how strong one is,please help i gotta get a bottle before 7:00 thats what time the party start


i would say with the way americans celebrate, st. patricks day, get her a decent sized bottle of jameson irish whiskey. it's one of the best irish whiskey's, and around the same price as jack daniels, at least in the states. plus it's brown, and st. patty's day is in two days. so if she doesn't finish it, she can save some for the the celebration.

bacardi 151
its brown rum, that's over-proofed, at 75.5% alcohol, compared to most standard brown liquor, which is only 40%

cant go wrong with jagermeister mixed with some redbull good for shots too...and if she likes cinnamon aftershock is amazing.. :D

Brown liquor? I'm a fan of Canadian Club mixed canadian whiskey, Old Weller bourbon, or Jameson's Irish whiskey.

Captain morgan and dr pepper or diet coke :)

just get her some jack daniels or something.

captain and rootbeer

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