Can I drink the whole bottle if it has a low alcohol content?!

Question: Can I drink the whole bottle if it has a low alcohol content?
I want to drink an entire bottle of Alize it has a low alcohol content and the bottle size is 1 liter is it safe to do this? P.S. it only has 16% alcohol by volume so that's not really high that's a bit higher then wine although not even cause I have seen wines in 16%.


16%?! Is there some sort of different measurement system you're using that thinks that 16% alcohol by volume is low? Beer is what? 6%? That's considered low. Drinking a liter of alcohol that's 16% alcohol by the volume would probably put me in a coma. So is it safe to do this? Probably not for the average human being. I'm sure you know what your tolerance is, but most people can't down a liter of with that much alcohol and not get at least a twinge of alcohol poisoning.

I drink more than often.

you will be fine. as long as you dont drive. or have anything important to do in the morning. other than that you can drink the whole bottle. u might get pretty drunk. u might just get tipsy. depends on your tolerance, and body type. ive drank a whole bottle of vodka and been able to wake up at 6am and run 5 miles. it sucks, but u gotta do what u gotta do.

Nothing to stop you, except the damage you are doing to yourself. Think again!! 16% per volume is a lot of alcohol. European beer only contains 2 - 4% and two of those are regarded as to much.

Alcohol will ruin your body the same no matter how much is in the bottle. It sounds like you need an intervention.

It's higher than your average wine so use your own experience from that

well as long as your not driving and have some food in your system, you should be fine.

Yes, but only because you hate your liver

yes u can drink.

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