It sounds silly but how do u get drunk?(Partyers)?!

Question: It sounds silly but how do u get drunk?(Partyers)?
i mean im 'bout to throw a lil' party at my crib cuz my parents are going to hawai for a short time so im trying to get the most out of it. What kind of drinks gets ppl mostly drunk without lotta dose? or is there pills u take? My friend said advil and i lmao but seriously what is it? Ladies, let me know! Men, i know you know so keep me update! ~_~


if you're under 21 you shouldn't be drinking at all. But shots get you drunk the fastest

From the topic of your post, I will assume that most of your friends, like you, are not used to drinking. For new and unexperienced drinkers, you will not need the strongest alcohol available to get drunk. When I was starting drinking, a handful of beers had me in a great place... add a shot or two and I was gone. Years later, I can easily put down a 12 pack and a number of shots without being out of control.

Young ladies will probably enjoy some **** like Mike's Hard Lemonade or some flavored Bernett's vodka mixed with juice - cranberry is generally a favorite. You can try doing shots (try vodka or clear rum for the weaker stomachs), though if your friends think Advil will get them drunk, they probably won't last long...

Also, Advil is not a good option, as mixing Advil with alcohol will not get you drunk any quicker, but by mixing the two will cause increased damage to your liver.

Shots are the quickest way to get drunk. Get someone to cheack the alcohal percentage on the bottle , the higher the percentage the more alcohol.
Also dont eat before you drink or else the food absorbs the alcohol.
Theres games ( it sounds childish i know, lol ) where you put your head down and spin around 20 times and try to run , this helps the alcohol go to your head quickly.
Be real careful mixing pills with alcohol because it can have deadly consiquences.
Some people are light weights so it does not take much to get them drunk.
Hope this helps (: xox

Well I'd suggest getting a big bottle of alcohol that's 40%, or a few more depending on how many people are coming ("lil party" could have been sarcastic).... try tequila, or vodka. But really vodka goes with ANYTHING, and you want it to go with anything, because you don't want people to drink it straight; otherwise they'd get piss drunk (if they drink to much). So get some other non alcoholic juices to mix the vodka with, and serve!

you do definitely not take pills to get drunk. you drink lots of alcohol. but don't drink too many units of alcohol or your liver will fail and you could die.

Well if you mix potassium-cyanide and nitric acid together you will get so super drunk that your brain will **** brix.

Alcohol up your bum bum.

True fact: Manswers.

Frozen strawberry daquiries, they taste good and don't get you a headache afterwards:)

Hard liquor

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