Is it bad to smoke and drink at the same time?!

Question: Is it bad to smoke and drink at the same time?

It all depends on the person. When you drink and smoke both effects tend to amplify each other. I know if I do a moderate amount of both I tend to not remember much. I would definitely smoke more than I would drink. Much safer.

My very own life.

Both will inevitably kill you unless you drink in moderation (depends on your tolerance, cuz some people have beer everyday, but dont get drunk everyday). But yes, smoking WILL kill you and drinking can be bad for you if you are an alcoholic.

lol "smoking will kill you". I think people forget that everybody smoked up until a few years ago. People would smoke literally all day 1 after the other. Our country.... modern civilization was founded while this was happening. people need to calm down.

hell no man i do it all the time.

experiance unlike other ppl who just go by what they hear.

youll die from both so by doing both your just bringing it closer faster

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