Shots or Mixed drinks ?!

Question: Shots or Mixed drinks ?
At all these highschool parties the "thing" to do is to pour vodka in soda and walk around with your cup acting cool.

but i dont get this, id rather take like 3 shots and have it go down fast and get a nice drunk going then walk around acting like i enjoy the taste of sipping vodka.

anyone else agree?

or would chugging a cup of soda with a shot of vodka get you just as drunk ?


I love shots and can hang with the big boys when it comes to those ;)

BUT... I love being able to hold a drink throughout the night. It gives me something to do with my arms. I know it sounds a little insecure or whatever, but it's the honest truth. Also, I get a lot nicer, controllable buzz when I sip on my drink all night. Kinda like, kicking back kind of mood.

shots are better because you just down it and chaser it with soda or orange juice. it also hits you faster. in mixed drinks i can always taste the alcohol no matter what and it hits you slower because it's a whole cup of mixed vodka with juice

Mixed drinks. They taste much better with some fruity ingredients.

Mixed drinks are far more enjoyable than shots!

Yeah shots are great. If people say they like the taste of vodka they are flat out lying ha

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