If you remember your fav party?!

Question: If you remember your fav party?
Ok so if you remember your fav party you went out to when during your party days i would love to hear them. I want funny stories! Like mine have to do with getting drunk and going to Mcdonalds at 4 in the morning and having your best friend throw up in the drive thru parking lot. or a bunch of your friends going through the drive through naked and backwards. Or passing out on halloween at 2 AM bc I got so drunk I was drinking Rum Straight. Or the first time you ever threw up at a party from to much alcohol. Graduation night and i had been at a few parties then went to my Best Friends house and told her to stop bitchin at me i had to go Pee and ended up passing out in the bathroom floor where a guy friend carried me upstairs and put me to bed. then a couple weekends later i drank so much and smoked pot (bad decision) I passed out and was carried upstairs again when i work up bc i had to throw up the bathroom door was locked and me and this other guy..the one who carried me upstairs were sharing a toilet together. I was in my Underware bc i was sweating and people were coming in there saying let it out girl! I have soo many others those are the funny ones. Lets hear yours.


We have parties about 4 times a week at my friends house, we have our close group of about 7 people and then we invite usually a random 10-20 people, so they aren't tobig just little kick backs. One night I got super duper smashed off of UV blue rasberry vodka, this was my first night drinking in like... a couple months so I didnt stop at my limit.
Apparently, I made out with 4 different people, including a girl, im a girl. wtf right? Dont worry it gets better. Everyone else passes out on the couches in the living room, except for me eric daniel sam floppy and amanda, so we decided to play beer pong some more, but make it interesting. Strip pong.
Eric and I were partners, and amanda and daniel were partners. The rules were basic, normal beer pong rules, and every cup that was pulled the team that made the cup got to pick an article of clothing the opposing team took off. well eric and I won the eye to eye, so we got first shot. We made explosions in the middle cup. That means they had to pull 7cups on the first throws. ******* awesome, so daniel was already naked and amanda had her shirt socks and shoes off. eric and I got balls back and make it two more cups, balls back again. Both of us got so damn lucky and made it in the last cup too. No rebuttle game was over, they were both nakes and didnt even get to make a shot.
haha, I guess we were really loud or something because almost every one woke up at that moment and manda and daniel were naked in the middle of the room. Epic night haha. Strip Pong Champs!

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