What are good Irish drinks to have on St. Patrick's Day?!

Question: What are good Irish drinks to have on St. Patrick's Day?
I'm in Europe, so I don't know if that makes a difference in what they'll have. I know Guinness and I think that's alright. I've had Irish cream at somebody's house. Is that a good one to have at a bar? What do you think is good for St. Patrick's Day? I'll probably only have two drinks.


you can always have baileys on the rocks :]

Guinness has got to be top of the list as you say closely followed by Jameson's Irish Whisky.

I think the other drink you refer to is Irish Coffee - not available at many bars - Irish Whisky with coffee, sugar, hot water, stir and then pour double cream over a spoon so that it will float on top. It has to have sugar in for the cream to float
Enjoy your day

Irish Car Bombs

I'm going to be drinking Liquid Cocaine (Bacardi 151, Jagermeister, and Goldschlager) and Caribou Lou (Bacardi 151, Malibu, and pineapple juice), but if you want irish alcohol go with the aforementioned ideas. Or just grab a Heineken mini keg and be a dick lol.

My brain

Irish Car Bombs (google it if you dont know what it is)

Beer in general

Whiskey in general

Alcohol in general > Irish love to drink! =) I'm sure they'd appreciate the thought no matter what is in your hand.

except maybe an appletini

When I lived in Germany we used to drink a green drink called a Grasshopper... it was made with creme de menthe and irish cream. It was very very good. I believe it was 1 shot creme de menthe to a liter of Bailey's. Anyway good luck and Happy St Patricks Day!

Baileys is gorgeous, and comes in different flavours, such as chocolate cream and hazelnut...it's one of those drinks that will last for a while too, trust me veeeeerry hard to down that stuff!! lol x

go for a black & tan
very common and tasty


Whiskey of course! Beers like Murphy's Stout, Kilkenny and Smithwick's, cider, mead, poitin HAVE FUN!

Experience in the art of partying 10 years

An Irish Coffee is a nice hot drink...


Irish whiskey but you might want to stick with the Guinness.

Bushmills & Guiness

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