Do cigarettes expire?!

Question: Do cigarettes expire?
Ok so I have these cigarettes, but they are out of a carton. I'm going to a different state in like two or three months and I was planning on taking them with me because my mom doesn't let me smoke. But will they expire?



certainly it does if keep even a pack inteck for a long time while u open it u will find them different tasting a bit like dam tastless.

After you open the individual pack, they will get stale within a few days.

But I've found _unopened_ packs that I left in coat pockets a year earlier, and I couldn't really tell the difference.

So the unopened ones should be fine. If you have a pack that's open, finish it before you go or give them to a friend. Or leave it for you mom to find, and maybe curiosity will get the better of her, and she'll come around. :-)

I really wish i could answer this but I'm too young to smoke. I'd probably go with no, though. And I wholeheartedly agree with the "NO LECTURES" want your question answered, not something else entirely. Amanda I wish you good luck!

They wouldn't last long enough in my house to expire, I would have smoked them. lol. Seriously no they do not expire because consider how long they have been lying in the supermarket warehouse.

If the packs have been opened they are probably expired.
If you smoke regularly and enough = Smokers expire too.

They get stale

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