What is a nightclub like?!

Question: What is a nightclub like?
Describe the atmosphere, just turned 18 and planning to go on Friday night. Is it full of perverts, sluts. Is it just like in the movies.


There all different, if you ask some people older than you they will know better. There are a few clubs near me, some are plagued by drunken teenage idiots and are the ones to avoid, the better ones usually have a 21 minimum age entrance rule.

The atmosphere.... expensive drinks, crowded, very warm when full and loud music (very). Slappers and scrubbers? yes, every club has them. If you think are likely to be tempted put some Durex in your pocket.

A word of advice from someone that's been to more than his fair share of clubs:
NEVER leave a drink unattended, if someone drops something in it you can end up in hospital seriously ill or worse.
Don't get plastered, you never know who's watching you. Bottle over the head and wallet nicked, this does happen.

Apart from the obvious just go and enjoy yourself, we always stuck together and left together then at least we all got home safe.

The ones round here are full of youngsters getting drunk and trying to pull-the girls wear next to nothing and to be quite honest,they look tarty and slutty with skirts that are no more than belts.The lads all seem to wear jeans that are 5 sizes too big and sit halfway down their butts.(I sound like my mum now lolol) As for the atmosphere-there is more atmosphere in a proper old fashioned boozer in my opinion-but I am ''old''

It really depends on what club you go to. Have a look online and see which ones get good reviews. The atmosphere is usually busy, hot and loud. Hope you have a great birthday night out.

Watch jsy shore

i agree with rik

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