Can I buy alcohol from France online? I'm 18 years old.?!

Question: Can I buy alcohol from France online? I'm 18 years old.?
The legal age to buy alcohol in France is 18 years old. I want Silver Patron because my parents just got one and I had a sip. It was soooo good. My friend who is 21 years old rarely buys me alcohol and and I really want it again. So would I be able to buy it online or would they respect the American laws? And should I buy it overseas or is that not worth it? Money is really not an issue right now.


You have to be IN France to have this legality apply. They won't sell it to you to ship it here unless you're the legal age in your country of residence.

Even if you buy it and it's legal there, you're planning to drink it here where it's not legal. It's like smoking marijuana in Amsterdam; it's legal in the bars THERE but if you bring it HERE where it's not legal you will be in trouble.

If it's being shipped to the US then you would have to be 21 to order it.
Just wait until you are 21 if you really want it that bad. Sorry toots. :=)

Law is law.

But your not buying it in France, your buying it in the USA from France. There's a difference. So the answer is no.

If you had a sip of alcohol and found it so good that you are willing to order it across an ocean; find a psychiatrist.

Patron is made in mexico if its tequila , and no you cant buy u need to be 21

no, that's what CUSTOMS is for...
Of course they respect US laws.
How old are you, 12?

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