How many beers would get me drunk?!

Question: How many beers would get me drunk?
If i weigh 104 pounds i'm 5'8 and i'm around the age of 19. how many beers would get me drunk?


depends how much you drink . if never the 2 or 3 if alot then 6 or 7 and 9 to we wasted ! ; )

i drink alot

There are way too many OTHER factors that need to be known before a correct answer can be given.

How much you have eaten, how much food is in your stomach, what type of food.

And with a certain number of beers, it would depend on what period of time you consumed them. For example, you could drink 10 beers over a period of 10 days and it wouldn't get you as drunk as having 5 beers in 5 minutes.

There is no good answer to your question.

It depends on too many variables.

Every night it's some skinny girl with the same question (5'8" and 104?? Does your boyfriend know you're on here asking this?) . . . OK, I'd say about 6 beers, 5 glasses of wine, or 4 shots. Then again, if you have years of hard practice behind you, add a couple of each. Enjoy drinking! I know I do.

One, probably your third or fourth one.

Be sure to look up YA's Law Enforcement and Pregnancy sections when/if you sober up.

depending on how often you drink i would say 2-6



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