If 8 beers is enough to get me very drunk then how much hard liquor would i need?!

Question: If 8 beers is enough to get me very drunk then how much hard liquor would i need?
hey , whenever i drink with my friends we always have beer , now i am curious as to how much hard liquor i can take ,
It takes me 8 beers to get very drunk. So, for example lets just say: would a full water bottle of some type of 40% alcoholic drink be enough to get me drunk , or is that not enough? , or too much?
please answer honestly


Remember, your body has built a tolerance to beer and you won't have the same tolerance to hard alcohol. That being said, the full water bottle would be way too much. I advise you to maybe fill the water bottle half way and add something else to it like coke, oj, or cranberry juice.

I am guessing you are young. Be careful... it sucks to be an alcoholic. I don't know from personal experience but I have seen my share.

Good luck!

A standard water bottle is 16.9 oz, and others are 20 oz. A shot is 1.5 oz so a full water bottle may kill you. Not literally, but you may not remember anything the morning after. Anyway...

16.9 oz = 11 and 1/3 shots
20 oz = 13 and 1/3 shots

As someone else mentioned, one shot has an alcohol content (loosely based) of one beer.

That being said, I would say that maybe three-quarters of a water bottle should do the trick, but be careful because for many people hard alcohol hits much harder than beer.

It literally sounds like you just started drinking. Personally, I wouldn't touch liquor until you build up some tolerance for beer. But that's just me. I wouldn't start off drink straight liquor though. Id start off drinking mixed drinks. Id start off with a drinking a couple at a time.

Their is about the same amount of alcohol in a serving size of most alcoholic beverages. In very crude terms:
8 beers = 8 shots = 8 glasses of wine = 8 coolers

Thats what they told me in driver's ed.

About four good size shots tahah

WAY LESS. I would say 3-5 drinks

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