Does anyone know any good drinking games ? or anything fun to do at a 16th party ?!

Question: Does anyone know any good drinking games ? or anything fun to do at a 16th party ?
any good drinking games that DONT involve beer , because beer is disgusting.
or any good games
but not stupid games like freaking hide and seek or stupid board games. FUN STUFF


A good one is kings cup. You make our own mixe drink with whatever with people sitting around a cup. You need a stack of cards. You put the cards in the middle and everyone takes one in turn.
Aces you have to drink until your cup us empty
2s are you you point at someone to take a drink
3a are me you have to drink
4 is whore and girls have to drink
5 is rhyme and you have to say a word and go in order if a person stutters or it doesn't rhyme they have to drink
6 is ***** guys have to drink
7 is heaven last person to point up has to drink
8 is date you pick someone to drink with you every time ou drink or they drink
no nines or tens
Jack you get to make up a rule. Like everytime you drink you lose an article of clothing
no queen
and king every time you draw a jig you pour a quarter of your cup into the middle cup when the fourth king comes up the person who drew it has to drink the middle cup


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