What should I drink tonight?!

Question: What should I drink tonight?
I'm leaving work in one hour and stopping by the liquor store on the way home. I'm sad that I'm not going out tonight but my room mate is traveling and my other friends are being lame and I don't have anybody to go out with :(
I'm usually a flavored vodka and diet coke girl, but I might go for something different tonight. Any ideas?


three olives dude and sprite tastes just like mountain dew

If you are drinking alone, you might want to stick with something light like some white wine or maybe beer. I am making my husband green beer tonight for St Patty's... but I think I am going to stick with a couple glasses of red wine.

Be careful, drinking alone is extremely dangerous and usually the first sign that there may be a problem.

Good luck!

I'dd go with Jose Cuervo. I'm 6'4 165 pounds and 1 glass of the stuff mixed with coke had me buzzed out of my mind. Also doesn't taste bad. You could also try mixing it with something different like Monster, Red Bull, Dr. Pepper, ...anything really.


Vodka, Kahlua, Milk and coke. Its pretty decent. Remeber to poor the milk and coke in at the same time. Poor all over crushed ice, Tall glass. Put some green food coloring in there and call me.

green beer

1st of all its your pesonal problem.
dont u have a brain of your own?

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