Whats the best way to stay fresh down there.....?!

Question: Whats the best way to stay fresh down there.....?
I wanna have oral with a guy tomorrow and I just waned to be fresh for him. How do I do that?


Douching with mayonnaise always works. The viscosity helps take out any lingering odors.

Try and stay away from acidic foods. Wash yourself thoroughly.Repeatedly. Shave it.. Wear nice panties. Spray some perfume in the area. That will work. At least for me it would.Except for the shaving, which I would do myself. Kinky fun stuff like that I enjoy. Men do not enjoy smelly spaces. Period. No. Really. They don't. Don't make the first time the last time. Either that or find a guy who is a slop and doesn't care.

My bedroom.

There is only one way I can make a connection between that connection and eating food or drink.

just take a bath/shower then your good to go

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