Why can't i say no to drink?!

Question: Why can't i say no to drink?
don't get me wrong i like a little drink while socialising but recently im doing it all the time, well not all the time mabe 3, 4 times a week (binging), i also drink more now and dnt know why i do it, i think i do it because it cheers me up and a hard day at work can be stressful so ill prob have a bottle or so after work. i dnt think im an alcoholic because i can go without it when i want to, iv also recently started smoking aswell which id never thot id do! im not depressed or anything a little drink with a few cigs is a nite to enjoy. but.........is this right?


u dont have to drink every day to be an alcoholic. sounds like you know u have a problem though, and you need to admit it

I have an alcoholic brother, who is homeless & in & out of jail... He has nothing.. LITERALLY. No friends, no license & no money. And he started drinking just the way that you are talking about now. - Seriously, if you're drinking that much now it will get worse.

You're an alcoholic - and you're losing control over your habit. Talk to somebody at the AA - EARLY is a real good time to start on this. You've got to quit and leave it behind.


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