I do not want to obey the one glass of wine per day recommendation what will happen if I don't?!

Question: I do not want to obey the one glass of wine per day recommendation what will happen if I don't?
I do not want to obey the recommended one glass of wine per night thing and I assume they meaning one glass by 4-5 ounce glass also which is extremely little 4-5 ounces is a very small wine glass with a few sips of wine in it and I can't be happy if all I can have are a few sips of wine in a night a few sips are nothing that wont even get you tipsy and I am extremely ungrateful for this five ounce glass!!!!! Also I prefer to have the entire bottle because leaving some in there is not an option since someone else will drink a little such as my mom or my grandma or grandpa and sharing is like a very very HORRIBLE thing if they even took a drop I will take a huge knife and stab them in the heart and murder them all that is for me and everyone else gets none or they die!!!! Baa Baa told me the recommended is one glass of wine per day but I do not appreciate just one glass one glass is nothing and I want more and if all I can have is a glass then I am the most ungrateful person in the world cause just a small glass aint enough what will happen if I have more?


Not sure why you are ranting. There is nothing that says you can't have more than one. It is actually recommended to have a glass of red wine every day for health reasons, it is good for you. It contains loads of antioxidants. Although, if what you are after is being a drunk all the time, then you should just skip the wine and go for the whiskey, no point in doing it half way. Although I suspect, that you are most likely an under aged troll. Stabbing someone who drinks your wine, really adults just go to the store and buy more.

Honestly, you may want to talk to somebody. If you are really that dependent on alcohol to the point where you are going to kill your relatives if they take any of your wine, you need help.


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