How much alcohol can i drink?!

Question: How much alcohol can i drink?
Hey..I'm turning 21 in a few months and wanted to know how much alcohol i can drink.
I do drink..where I'm from it is allowed before the age of 21..but nothing too strong..just wine, champagne...I'm def not a heavy drinker....I am 5'4 and weigh 115..And yes I do eat alot so dont tell me to eat...


You are a light weight, the human body can process one drink an hour. (1 beer, 1 ounce 80 proof spirits). If I were you, and you don't drink everyday and want to enjoy yourself then drink no more than 3 drinks an hour, it is NO fun puking, especially on your Birth day, and if you start to REALLY feel the alcohol, SLOW it down.


Sweetie whatever you do,drink, poop, or eat its up to you to stop you drink as much feels right but what do i know im underage and dont drink and dont wsnna

If you want to drink a little,you can.Drink much more alcohol is harmful to your body.

if you are 50 years cross you can just take 30ml per day

I think you could probably drink 6-8 shots at least in one night. At most maybe 12 if you plan on setting your own record

Just limit yourself Its pretttty easy.

Just drink until you feel the way you want to feel! Tipsy or drunk? I'm assuming.

when you start seeing double, you know you've gone too far

anything more even if its good is bad

so its easy to limit yourself

Your pretty damn small, you;d get drunk easy

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