what is the drinking age?!

Question: What is the drinking age?
in geneva? im leaving in 4 days and i cant find it on the internet


I live in zurich switzerland it is 16 yes but only for beer and wine, even though they rarley check on ID if you look old enough. I am 15 and get whatever I want even martinis (limit 18) I never really try to get that stuff but peopel at clubs had no problem giving it to me.

Btw club entrance is 16 in a few clubs but usually 18. Get a fake ID it get rarley checked....

Oh and what hotel are you staying at?

It is teh same in Austria and Germany!

Interesting that so many US respondents assumed that the age was 21 as it is in the USA. In fact, the USA has the highest age limit in the world; most countries have a far lower limit as other have found out.

Those who are interested should take a look at the levels of alcohol abuse in the restrictive USA and compare them with the levels of abuse in more enlightened countries. You might be rather surprised.

16 for beer, wine, cider.
18 for everything else.

If you plan on buying it or going to a club bring an ID (passport, EU ID card). Even if you are much older sometimes they still check. The Swiss can be quite strict. I'm 23 and they still once asked for ID when I was buying wine.

Swiss citizen.

do you know that you are buying all the beer you want then you just pee it? a waste of money and a waste of beer. then you get this head aches after.

It's 18 everywhere in Europe expect in Switzerland where it's 16!!

I live in Europe!!

Though my friend, u r free to drink as there are many unofficial ways, but if u want to get it legal, better u be 21 yrs old or show such documents if u r not :)

18 of course as for most European countries.

over 21
but if you want then only otherwise dont drink too much

its 18!



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