Get cork out of bottle?!

Question: Get cork out of bottle?
Okay, so our moonshine bottle has a cap with a cork connected to it. i would hope someone knows what i'm talking about.
well i went to get some moonshine, but the cork broke in half, and the bottom half (still in the neck of the bottle) is NOT stuck. it's terribly loose and might fall into the bottle. how do i get it out without if falling in?
i ask because im not supposed to be in there, and if i can get it out, and replace the cork i'd be good to go. please no "you weren't supposed to be in there anyways so serves-you-right" comments.

Help is much appreciated


Use a pin and puncture the cork sideways so that you are pushing the pin into the cork against the side of the bottle. Then pull the pin upward to remove the cork. Or rather, slide the pin upward while keeping the pin in the cork against the glass of the bottle. If the cork is loose, this should work.

Here is an old bartenders trick.

Get a linen napkin, not cloth, and wet it.
Slip one corner into the bottle neck while the bottle is upright.
Tilt the bottle until the cork floats on top of the wet napkin. It should look like this.....upper glass of the bottle neck, cork, napkin, lower glass of the bottle neck.
Try to insert the napkin far enough so the cork rests mostly on the napkin.
Now slowly pull the napkin. hopefully pulling the cork with it until all four come together (upper glass, cork, napkin and lower glass.
It will be tight, but if you pull with constant pressure, the cork should come out.

This works every time with wine bottles, but I'm not sure of the shape of a moonshine bottle.......Good Luck

15 year bartender.

if you get a pretty sharp screw and angle it right so that it keeps pushing the cork against the side of the neck instead of pushing it into the moonshine and turn it till it sinks in you ought to be able to pull it out relativly easily with the assistance of pliers

you weren't supposed to be in there anyways so serves-you-right.............
just kidding... what about a fork?

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