Smokers, what do you think about the FDA wanting ban menthol cigarettes?!

Question: Smokers, what do you think about the FDA wanting ban menthol cigarettes?
Flavored cigarettes were outlawed last year, but the law excluded menthol. Now the FDA is taking steps to get rid of menthol cigarettes.

So, what do you think about that?

Are flavored cigars and pipe tobacco next?


I don't smoke, but I think that's stupid.
Can they really be that much worse for you than regular cigarettes?
Or is it just because they think it attracts kids?
If so...well I think that's really stupid too.
If a kid wants to smoke bad enough, that he finds someone to buy them for him...he probably doesn't really care if it's flavored. He's just some kid that thinks smoking is cool, there will always be kids like that.
If they outlawed flavored cigars...I'd be pissed. Primetimes and Swishers, and other ghetto cigars, are awesome. lol

This is from a news report:

The advisory panel laid out a detailed critique of the special dangers posed by menthols, including evidence that they are a significant factor in the rise of smoking among adolescents and that the flavoring facilitates addiction.

But the panel's determinations are not binding on the Food and Drug Administration, which will decide what, if any, action to take. And the tobacco companies are expected to marshal potent political and legal resources to delay any new restrictions for years to come.

There is potentially strong congressional opposition to a sweeping new regulatory push by the government, especially in the GOP-controlled House, where a majority of Republicans voted against the 2009 legislation granting the FDA authority to regulate tobacco, said Michael Siegel, a Boston University expert on the public health consequences of smoking.

It'd be hard on me since that's all I smoke! But it would probably give me the final push to actually quit, once and for all, and I actually really need to. It'll be hard for people who smoke menthols and who don't plan to quit, though.

And yes, I'm sure that flavored cigars and tobacco are probably next. The only reason they haven't been yet is because most people don't smoke these on a regular basis.

I try to grow my own, as long as they don't ban the favoring, wait the Government better yet a government agency that does not have the right to make laws banning something.

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